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When you’ve spent several years traveling the world as a cruise ship musician, you might have a few stories to tell.  For Cary Aria, the stories are being collected in a new album called “Seaduction”, starting with the first single “Bahama Bound.” 

Your Bahama cruise THEME SONG is here!  Bahama Bound!
Watch the video - SHARE if you want to be on a sandy beach!
Cary Aria: Bahama Bound

Don't forget my first album "Ruins"

My first album "Ruins" was #17 MOST ADDED at college radio stations NATIONWIDE, according to CMJ. (the people who keep track of this kinda stuff).

Chart #1 – 90.9 KSLU – Hammond, LA
Chart #1 - WMHB - Waterville, MA
Chart #2 - KSMR - Winona, MN
Chart #5 - Syosset, NY
Chart #6 - WOUB - Athens, OH
#1 ADD - KLPI - Ruston, LA
#2 ADD - WNSU - Fort Lauderdale, FL

You can BUY my album (and support me) by clicking the album cover OR by phone at 1-800-BUY-MY-CD
Cary Aria: Ruins