Victory Venues

I'm currently aboard the Carnival Victory performing as a solo acoustic guitar soloist. Since I'm just one performer as opposed to a band, they sometimes move me around to perform in different venues. Sometimes 2 or 3 in one day…

Out Around Nassau Bahamas

Ship: Carnival Elatioin
Port: Nassau Bahamas

Taking a stroll around Nassau Bahamas on a beautiful sunny day. All of these shots are taken in the main town area around the main shopping street Bay Street. Currently  my ship stops here…

Freeport Bahamas After the Hurricane

Ship: Carnival Elation
Port: Freeport Bahamas

As a musician working aboard cruise ships for 5 years now, I've found myself in the Bahamas more than any other port due to its proximity to Florida. Especially Nassau. Nassau is an easy…

Cruising Into 2017

Happy New Year!

WOW, what a year. I hope your cruise travel plans were CRUISE SHIP CRAZY!  
Mine were, check this out:

I'm Joining Another Ship

Well, my time aboard the Carnival Miracle has come to an end. I'll be home for the holidays until February 2 when I'll then join the Carnival Elation. The ship makes 3 and 4 day runs to the Bahamas out…

Broken mic stands - This is IT?

You would think that a billion dollar company would be able to provide a workable mic stand - but I guess this will have to do for now! Taped to hold it together.
I do have to say that this…

Tendering in to Cabo San Lucas

Sometimes when a cruise ship calls on a port and there is not a dock big enough to accommodate a vessel as big as a cruise ship, they'll need to ferry people to shore using tenders. Smaller boats. The process…

Todays Schedule

A little look into todays schedule - Generally I like to stick to one venue for the day, but I've gotta do what needs to be done!


I put together a little video of a not so typical sea day…

Crew Mess - Mystery Food of the Day!

Ah, the crew mess! We can't avoid it because we've gotta eat! Although, I do get privileges that other crew members don't get. I am allowed to eat in the passenger buffet during certain hours. Sometimes I don't feel like…

Take a Tour of my Cabin

Take a tour of my cabin as a cruise ship crew member!

As a solo musician, I'm lucky to have my own room. A very rare thing to have if you work on a cruise ship.
Check out the VIDEO…