A Musical Welcome in the Caribbean

I’m a musician, so its safe to say that I LOVE music! I like to learn about the music of the countries I visit. One of the best things about traveling around on a cruise ship is all of the different cultures I get to enjoy. When your ship visits certain Caribbean ports, you’ll often be greeted with a musical welcome. Caribbean cruise music. I saw this in most of the Caribbean ports, especially the Southern islands. Here is a small sample of the musical welcome we received in a few of my favorite ports.

First up is Coxen Hole Honduras on the island of Roatan. There are two places on Roatan that ships dock at and both have musicians greeting the passengers. I really enjoyed the Coxen Hole drummers and they were accompanied by dancers, taking pictures with the guests and showing general goodwill. Our stop in Grenada saw drummers and a man on stilts dressed in costume. When we pulled into Martinique, we loved the traditional dancers and woodwind band. Colombia had dancers and drummers performing for excursion guests as they boarded a wooden ship for a sailing around the bay. Cozumel Mexico had a mariachi band invoking the traditional sound of Mexico! Here is a video of all that I describe above. Enjoy!

The photo at the top are the musicians that welcomed us to the island of Dominica. There is so much more music down in the Caribbean and I haven’t even touched on the steel drummers. Thats a whole separate topic by itself, so I’ll save that for another post. What’s your favorite music you’ve heard in the Caribbean?

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