Taking Requests

As a musician performing aboard a cruise ship, I get a lot of requests!  I love it! I have a huge variety of genres that I can play to try and honor peoples requests! But sometimes things don’t go…

I've Joined a SHIP...Again

Hello and here I am again, on a ship! Whats different this time? I'm bringing you along for the ride! I'll be blogging about the journey as much as I can, so welcome aboard!

Beach Yoga First Timer

Today was my first time doing yoga. And it was beach yoga! I'll admit, I was a little apprehensive at first, but the instructor was very casual and made me feel at ease. My girlfriend and I drove up to…


I'm on vacation from the vacation! My contract on Carnival Elation has come to an end and I have the summer off. I'll be joining Carnival Miracle out of Long Beach, CA August 20 until early December. In the meantime…

Homeport late arrival

Carnival Elation arrives late to homeport of Jacksonville

Today we arrived into Jacksonville a couple of hours late due to the fact that the ship lost power in the middle of the night last night. I didn't know this because…

Formal Flip Flops

I enjoy formal nights on the ship. Its nice to see people dressed up, sipping red wine, meeting the captain. People seem to have fun when dressed up. Gets a lot of people out of their element.  There’s always people…


Half day out in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Florida - Carnival Elation

Ah, a half day out in Jacksonville. I only get a half day because I have to be on the ship to play at noon for the passengers who are embarking today. There are 2…

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days

Sea day - Carnival Elation

When you’re on a ship for long periods of time, the days run together. I really wouldn’t know what day it was if I wasn’t reminded of it. For instance, lots of people complain about…


Back in Bahamas

Nassau Bahamas - Carnival Elation

I'm back in Nassau Bahamas. I've probably been here more than any other port. I shot a lot of video footage for my song Bahama Bound here in Nassau. This place can get a bad…

Better to be safe

[the following is not meant to be criticism, only an observation to show how things work]

Arriving and going ashore in the USA is not much different than Russia or Egypt.  Here’s how it works for us cruise ship crew…


And I don't mind the sea days

Sea day, Carnival Elation 

A sea day combined with a day off means a nice day to catch up on things. Laundry for one. I usually do this early in the morning after I’ve eaten some breakfast, usually hard…

Welcome to Nassau Bahamas

This is what greets cruise passengers when they arrive in Nassau Bahamas. Is this the kind of trashy welcome you want to give them? Clean this up!