5 Useful Apps For World Travel – #2 is Essential!

Last year I traveled to 40 different countries in Europe and the Caribbean. When visiting that many countries, all the different languages, different kinds of money and the general confusion when exploring a new place, it helps to have some tools to make the journey a bit easier. Here are 5 useful apps for world travel that I’ve found when I’m out discovering new places. By the way, I’m an Apple user, so this list is ios leaning. I also have one of those jobs that require you to travel the world, as a guitarist on cruise ships, in case you’re wondering. Check these out, the best free iphone apps:

1. Public Toilets
This one should be a no brainer! This is an app to find public toilets when you’re out and about in an unfamiliar place. It could use a little more in the databank, but hopefully they’ll be adding to it as time goes on. There is a free version with ads, and a pro, ad fee version. So if you’re wondering where to find public toilets in paris, maybe this will help.

Vigo SpainTie 2. PlugHunter with WiFi finder. We carry around devices that need to be charged. This app helps direct you to nearby power outlets, AND helps you find WiFi connections. I’m always asking myself, how can I find free wifi in my area. Users can easily add to the database, so hopefully it will get better and better! You know that moment when you find free wifi in public…yeah!

Tie 2. Free WiFi finder Another useful app I’ve used many times when first exploring a new place. Comes in handy if you’re in a bind and really need to find WiFi quick. For instance, when I’m out in a new place, I always try seek out the local charming places with character. But if I just need to find WiFi fast, this app will help direct me to the closest spot, which is usually some place like McDonalds. Again, there’s a free and a pro version. Do you ask yourself, where do I find free wifi connections?

3. XE
Traveling around Europe, I’m dealing with many different kinds of currency. Sometimes I’ll need to change it at the foreign exchange place. A quick check with this app will tell me what the money is changing at for many different kinds of currencies. It’ll help save you money if you want to try and find a better rate or if I’m wondering, is it better to change money abroad or at home? Tell me, where is the best place to change money?

Top travel apps4. Wordlens
This amazing piece of technology has helped me out many times. Its a translator that you just hold up to text and it translates it to your language on your screen! When I was in Rome and wanted to know about train times, I just held my iPad up to the sign and presto! This technology is new, so it has a few bugs to iron out. I think it comes with one free language and if you want more you have to pay 9.99. The translations are a little strange at times, but you’ll know what the general idea is. Translate unknown language to english with this app!

5. Skype
The best tool to keep in touch with long distance friends, or keep in touch with clients and potential clients. Skype is free to sign up for. If you’re not using Skype, what are you using? Is there a better alternative? How do you best way to keep in touch overseas? I’d love to know! I hope these help with the reasons why you should travel the world. Be well do good work and keep in touch!

What are the best apps you’ve used when traveling? What are the top travel apps that will change your life?

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