And I don't mind the sea days

Sea day, Carnival Elation 

A sea day combined with a day off means a nice day to catch up on things. Laundry for one. I usually do this early in the morning after I’ve eaten some breakfast, usually hard boiled eggs. The food on this ship is uninspired to say the least. I’m really needing some good nutrition soon. 

The rest of my day is spent listening to podcasts that I love: Bulletproof Radio, Cruise Radio, Digital Marketer, DIY Musician and a few others. I’ll then work on songwriting I’m working on or read a book.  I love having so much free time to work on stuff I love. I don’t like to be idle. If I’m not working on something, I feel restless. Oh, I do love the occasional downtime. But when you’ve been to the Bahamas a hundred times you feel like you’ve seen it. 

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