Better to be safe

[the following is not meant to be criticism, only an observation to show how things work]

Arriving and going ashore in the USA is not much different than Russia or Egypt.  Here’s how it works for us cruise ship crew members. Once the ship has been cleared by the port authorities, we must put our bags through the x-ray scanner. Also our shoes. And socks. Then we must show the bottoms of our feet to the security person.  And then we get a full body pat down. Please remove your hat. Collect your items and walk off the ship. Once off the ship, show your ship ID to the security guard as you walk towards the cruise terminal.  Walk another 50 feet and show ID to another security guard. Then another. And another! “Do you have your I-95?” No, I’m a US citizen. “Do you have your passport or drivers license?” Yes. “OK, go ahead.”  Woo hoo! I’m now ashore for a few hours. I’ll do this routine again when I go back on the ship.  

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