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GEIRANGER NORWAY – Some of the most breathtaking, spectacular scenery in the world can be found along the western coast of Norway.  The fjords of Norway offer rugged beauty carved into mountainsides, capped by white snow peaks which melt into the form of endless waterfalls.  I was fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time exploring this beauty while visiting Geiranger Norway, located at the end of Geirangerfjord.  This very small (about 250 pop.) tourist village is nestled waterside, surrounded by majestic mountains and a powerful waterfall and stream which runs through the middle of it all.  Its incredibly picturesque.  The town has a few small shops selling souvenirs and local goods, a couple of hotels and campgrounds and Cafe Ole, a little eatery where I often found myself sipping my latte (with free WiFI).   Just being out in nature is so amazing here.  The air is so fresh and crisp and the streams that flow through the town so clean, but cold.  During the summer, the mountain peaks may still have snow capped tops, but the temperature of the air in the town is fairly warm.  A very unique and charming feature of Norway is its grass roof buildings.  This is a building technique dating back to Viking times, and its cool so see so many houses with this feature.  

Geiranger Norway has a few shops
Geiranger Norway has a few shops

Geiranger Norway is a charming small town
Geiranger Norway is a charming small town

The Norway mascot is everywhere!
The Norway mascot is everywhere!

Geiranger Norway mascot
Geiranger Norway mascot

Sailing through the fjord is one of the most amazing nature adventures I’ve ever experienced.  Geirangerfjord is a 9 mile long branch off of Sunnylvsfjorden, a larger fjord.  In sailing through Geirangerfjord, you’ll be treated to several waterfalls including the well known “Seven Sisters” waterfall, which falls from 7 different streams to the fjord below.  Words truly cannot describe this place and neither can video, but I’ve included some footage that I filmed on my many visits to this UNESCO world heritage site.  (See video at the top of this post) Enjoy!

Geirangerfjord Norway
Geirangerfjord in Norway – Republic of life

Norwegian fjords
Norwegian fjords

Cafe Ole
I like to stop for a latte at Cafe Ole in Geiranger Norway

Wacky Norwegians having fun!

Geiranger Church
Geiranger Church built in 1842

Republic of Life
Spectacular scenery in Norway

Be careful around the waterfalls in Geiranger – There is no barrier

Grazing sheep
Grazing sheep at the Geiranger mountainside

Having a picnic with friends in Geiranger

River in Geiranger
The river flowing through Geiranger into Geirangerfjord

The Republic of Life Visits Geiranger
Charming Norway


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