Homeport late arrival

Carnival Elation arrives late to homeport of Jacksonville

Today we arrived into Jacksonville a couple of hours late due to the fact that the ship lost power in the middle of the night last night. I didn't know this because I was sleeping. I woke up very early so I could get out and meet my girlfriend who drove up from Daytona. Because of the late arrival, us crew were not allowed to exit until the passengers were debarked. Usually open a crew "window" for 15 minutes to let us out, but no luck today. There were not that many of us and we tried to convince them to just let us out. Nope. I texted my girlfriend and told her to just head back home because we'll be stuck on the ship for a while. They finally opened a crew window around 1 pm. Back on board time was still 3pm. Not worth even getting off the ship.

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