My World Beer Tour In Pictures

I’ve been bouncing around to various countries for a few years now. I always like to try the local beer. I started documenting this world beer tour in pictures. Taken on beaches, on boats, and in bars all over the world. This will not be a review of the beer, only because I didn’t take notes as I was enjoying them. Bottoms up!

When I was in Cartagena Colombia, I tried this Club Colombia Cerveza Premium. Cheers!


While in Panama, I tried a couple different Panama beers. Atlas and Panama brand.




No trip to Key West would be complete without making a stop at the world famous Sloppy Joes!


A Mexican beer, Sol, enjoyed at Señor Frogs in Nassau Bahamas.


Wadadli from Antigua!


Funny story about my time in St Thomas. I ambled up the the Big Kahuna Rum Shack in Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas and asked the bartender for a local brew. She hands me this Blackbeard Ale. I’m enjoying the cold beer on a sunny St Thomas afternoon when…


…when I take a peek at the label. Down at the very bottom is a confession that the beer is brewed by Virgin Island Brewing company…in COLD SPRING MINNESOTA!?!? Wait, WHAT?!? This “local” beer is really made an hour outside my old hometown back in Minnesota?


Eclipse, enjoyed at Seamans Rest in Freeport Bahamas!


Bushcrack, Freeport Bahamas. I love the name of this beer, haha.


Kalik, a very well known beer in the Bahamas. Looks like I need a refill!


Did you know that in Spain, you can order beer at McDonalds? You might need it to wash down that food!


St Petersburg Russia. I don’t remember anything about what this beer was, but the entire meal was amazing.


Oh, Norway, how I love you! Hanging out at the famous Bergen fish market, where you can get FRESH fish and a cold beer!


Bottoms up boys!

Bergen Norway

Bergen Norway


Booze cruising down the Nile River in Egypt. Fantastic river cruise on the most famous river on earth.

River Nile Egypt

Egyptian beer on a Nile river cruise!

River Nile Egypt

In Katakolon, Greece. I don’t remember what this beer was, and it looks like I need to be cut off!


Again with the Kalik. In the Bahamas, you can’t get away from it!


Hey mon, Jamaica! The famous Red Strip, from Jamaica, enjoyed at Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville in Falmouth.


The tiny Caribbean island of Dominica has a great beer called Kubuli.


Time out in Dominca!


While taking a siesta in St Maarten, I had this Carib. Oh yeah!

St Maarten

Back in Jamaica with a Red Stripe. Just hanging out at Montego Bay!


Turks Head in Grand Turk.


Turks Head is best enjoyed with a lunch of cracked lobster. Turks and Caicos!

Grand Turk - Turks and Caicos

When you’re on a beach in Cozumel, grab a bucket of Sol on ice. Don’t forget the lime!


Salva Vida, the local brew from Honduras. Cheers!


When in Grand Cayman on the Cayman Islands, try a Caybrew!


You can’t go wrong with Red Stripe in Jamaica. Hanging out at Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville in Montego!


Bloody Mary time at Sunset Beach Bar on Maho in St Maarten with a beer chaser of Carib! This is the amazing airplane beach!


Sands is another very well known beer throughout the Bahamas. Here it is on Junkanoo beach in Nassau.


He we are at the Big Banana bar in St John Antigua. I love this open, friendly bar with a tree growing right in the middle of it. Wadadli time!


Thats it for now. Let me know what your favorite beers are from around the world!

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