Stop off in Stavanger Norway

If you’re heading up to visit the fjords in Norway, a great stopping point is the city of Stavanger, one of Norways oldest cities.  Although Stavanger Norway was founded in the year 1125, the city has boomed from being the center of Norways oil industry and is now one of the largest cities in Norway.  Whenever I visit, I always love to wander the shops right next to the inlet harbor.  Cobblestone streets and colorful buildings make for a lovely backdrop while sipping my latte at Boker and Borst cafe.  The small city center retains its small town charm while the bigger city keeps its distance.  You can stroll the park near Stavanger Domkirke, the oldest cathedral in Norway (founded in 1125) including a nice pond.  I usually kept to the shops in town and there is plenty to see.  I love this little town!

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