The Craziest Beach in the World

When looking to crown a title as “craziest beach in the world”, you might be thinking wild parties, non stop alcohol, insane shenanigans all night and day, and you might be right in thinking beaches like this qualify. However, for this segment, I’m thinking about an entirely different kind of crazy!

One of the most popular vacation spots in the Caribbean is St Maarten. The wacky island divided into two countries, Dutch side and French side. Personally, I’ve never been to the French side, but the Dutch side has welcomed me many times. I love the wide boardwalk, great beach and shopping of Philipsburg, but when I want to show people a site they can’t see anywhere else, we head over to Maho Beach.

Maho Beach is unique in that it sits right next to Princess Juliana International Airport. The runway is short, so aircraft need to touch down as close as possible to the beginning of the runway; i.e. within 20 feet or so of Maho Beach! Sound crazy? IT IS! Imagine a 747 passing directly overhead within a few feet of you as you lay on the sand.

Front row at Sunset Beach Bar in St Maarten
Front row at Sunset Beach Bar in St Maarten

Grab yourself a bloody mary at Sunset Beach Bar for a front row viewing as a warm up, then when you’re ready to go for a swim in the warm water, find a spot on the sand and enjoy the show!

Check out this video of the “Craziest Beach in the World” as planes come in directly over our heads!

So where is Maho Beach?

Photo at the top by Takashi Ota.

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