Who is this "sailor/songwriter" Cary Aria?

Short version:

Growing up in the frozen winters of landlocked Minnesota, Cary Aria longed to see the world.  He got the chance after landing a job as a cruise ship musician and traveling the world for almost 10 years.  With almost 100 countries under his belt, Cary Aria is your world tour guide, writing songs and recalling characters and places as varied as there are fish in the sea.  When you’ve spent several years traveling the world as a cruise ship musician, you might have a few stories to tell.  These songs are those stories. The new album "Seaduction" is out now everywhere you listen to music. Follow on Spotify, subscribe to YouTube.

Long version

So, just who IS this "sailor/songwriter" Cary Aria? 

Growing up in the landlocked state of Minnesota is about as far from the ocean as you can get.  It is also in the far North, which means that even the lakes are completely frozen over in the winter.  Perhaps this is where I developed my sense of wanderlust.  I needed to be somewhere warm!  My father was in the US navy, so maybe it was in the cards all along for me to also become a sailor.  All I know is I had to find out what else was out there! 

DESPERATE for some adventure, I made a performance video and sent it out to all of the cruise lines, knowing that some of them employed musicians like me.  It didn't happen right away, but eventually, an Italian cruise line gave me a shot!  Soon I was flown all the way over to Germany to board my very first cruise ship!  It wasn't long before the ship finally found its way to the Caribbean.  Palm trees.  White sandy beaches.  SUNSHINE!   I was home.   

I've been doing the cruise ship thing for about 10 years now.  I've seen a lot of amazing places and met a lot of incredible people from all over the world.   

But one thing was missing. 

When I perform for people enjoying their sunny vacation, I get a lot of requests.  Standard songs you'd expect to hear on a cruise.  Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville, Zac Brown Toes,  Brown Eyed Girl.  All great songs to be sure, but they're not songs about taking a cruise.   

I soon realized that the people who are crazy about cruising needed more escapism music.  So I set out to write it.  I think I've succeeded in writing my new album "seaduction."